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How to Attain Better Digestive Health in 4 Steps

The goal of achieving a clean bill of health is one people are starting to take seriously. Never before has there been so much about awareness about the benefits of a balanced and healthy nutritional plan. People are now conscious or aware of what they eat, how much rest they get and how their active […]

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Best of the Healthy Web Round up | April 2017


 8 Things You Need to Know About Your Body’s Energy Levels

A sweat session is great for upping your oomph, even when you feel like you’re out of juice. “When you exercise, you release hormones like adrenaline. This hormone actually tells our bodies to ignore feelings of pain and fatigue while enhancing blood flow to large muscles,” says Sabrena Jo, senior exercise scientist at the American Council on Exercise. As a result, a workout can leave you with more energy than you had beforehand—an effect that can last several hours.

Written by Hallie Levine

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Why do some people fail to respond to exercise?

Regular physical activity is considered key for the prevention of obesity and associated health conditions, but some people reap greater rewards from exercise than others. A new study may have shed light on why this is. In a study of both mice and human subjects, researchers found that higher levels of selenoprotein P – a protein secreted by the liver – was associated with reduced exercise capacity and fewer exercise-related benefits.

Written by Honor Whiteman

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How romantic relationships can help or hinder weight loss

New qualitative research published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships suggests that romantic partners are in a unique position to help with weight loss goals. The study consisted of interviews with 44 overweight adults from a Southwestern city in the United States. Most participants wanted their romantic partner to be involved in their weight loss efforts, and welcomed any help they received. But relationships could also be an impediment to weight loss efforts, as several participants reported that they and their partner had different approaches to getting fit.

Written by Eric W. Dolan

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Will Technology Replace Good, Old-Fashioned Exercise?

No doubt, all things smart are on the rise. Experts weigh in on what this means for fitness. With smart appliances, cameras, phones, and even social robots making it into our high-tech world, it seems plausible that we’ll also turn to tech solutions to perform exercise for us. At least that’s what a new study published in the journal Endocrinology suggests.

Written by Cathy Cassata

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The Health Benefits of Herbs

The health benefits of herbal medicine have always been debated by experts and medical practitioners in the clinical health circle for decades. Despite the knowledge that herbs and roots are the basic ingredients used in home-made remedies and traditional medical solutions, they contended that there wasn’t sufficient proof to show that consumption of herbs or […]

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Stay Fit While Traveling

Stay Fit While Traveling (Part 1): How to Prepare from Sunrider

In celebration of #NationalDoctorsDay, Sunrider International’s, Dr. Reuben Chen shares a few tips to help us stay on track with our personal fitness routines while traveling

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Massage Therapy Wellness Relaxation

Things You Should Know About Massage

Perhaps you want to give someone or massage, or you want to find someone to give you a massage. Whether you are getting or giving a massage, there are some things you should know. This article will help give and receive massages with a deeper understanding of what is taking place. If you are an […]

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Things to know about weight loss

Some Things You Should Know About Losing Weight

There is much to learn about weight loss and much personal success that can go along with this knowledge. There is plenty of information available online. However, not everything, you read will apply to your specific situation. This article will give some of the best tips known in regard to weight loss. If you want […]

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Healthy Nutrition

Some Advice For Staying Healthy With Good Nutrition

Proper nutrition for your body may seen pretty intimidating. Combining foods and making sure you cover your bases may seem impossible. People wonder about nutrition every day. This article will provide some satisfying answers to this, and other questions. Try to fit as many fresh vegetables in your diet as possible. Instead of having mashed […]

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ABCs of Vitamins and Minerals

Learn The Very Simple ABCs Of Vitamins And Minerals

You are probably already aware of the importance of eating healthy. You also know that exercising is important. To find great advice about vitamins and minerals, look no further. It is not safe to take more then the recommended value of most vitamins, so make sure that you avoid this. One example of this is […]

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Start Juicing for a Healthier You

Get The Most Out Of Juicing

In the market for buying a juicer? At this point you have a slight interest but are unsure how to go about getting started. Use the information in this article to help you decide what type of juicer is best for you and some great tips on juicing in general. Never add more than one […]

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