Dr. Chen Hand & Body Lotion

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  • Dr. Chen® Hand & Body Lotion – Paraben Free 8 fl. oz./240 mL

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    No matter what time of the year, you’ll never have to put up with dry, patchy skin again. Apply Dr. Chen® Hand & Body Lotion on your entire body and your skin will feel younger and smoother right away! Sunrider’s Advanced formulas help seal in moisture and restore dry skin to a revitalized state.

    Our formula contains high concentrations of antioxidant vitamin E. It also contains a highly concentrated combination of herbal extracts, natural oils, and seaweed extracts. It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, never greasy.

    Apply smoothly over the entire body, with extra care to dry areas. For additional benefits, apply before bedtime as overnight “nutrition” for the skin.

  • Sunrider® Dr. Chen® Refining & Lifting Cream – Net Wt. 0.5 oz./15 mL

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    Restore and preserve the appearance of youthful skin with Dr. Chen® Refining & Lifting Cream. This special Sunrider® formula produces amazing age-defying results by using the latest in modern skin care technology.

    Lifting action gives the appearance of minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.
    Provides intense hydration, resulting in skin that feels and looks supple.
    Continually improves and refines the texture of skin.
    Fast-acting and long-lasting with a superior combination of herbal ingredients, including myrrh, pea, bamboo, meadowsweet, centella, and algae.


    First, cleanse face with Oi-Lin® Cleansing Cream and/or Oi-Lin® Warm Facial Scrub and apply Oi-Lin® Facial toner. Next apply Dr. Chen® Refining & Lifting Cream and Oi-Lin® Special Treatments over desired areas. Then, apply Oi-Lin® Deep Moisture Lotion for best results.