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  • Kandesn® Conditioner by Sunrider® – Net Wt. 8 fl. oz./240 mL

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    Kandesn® Conditioner helps you comb through hair easily after shampooing. It helps to fortify your hair and prepare it for styling. Kandesn® Conditioner is formulated with wheat protein, keratin and specially developed amino acids to help rebuild and strengthen hair. Sunrider’s gentle formula does not use harsh synthetic agents that can irritate the scalp, and it conditions without weighing your hair down.

    After shampooing with Kandesn® Shampoo, apply liberally and allow hair to absorb nutrients for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse.

  • Kandesn® Hair Conditioning & Repair Spray by Sunrider® – 3 Bottles (2.3 fl. oz./68 mL each bottle)

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    Your hair will really thank you for using this new spray. It’s easy to use and conveniently sized, so you can carry it everywhere: in  your pocket, purse or gym bag. You don’t have to worry about blow drying your hair and leaving split ends. This Sunrider® spray is moist but not greasy.

    Kandesn® Hair Conditioning & Repair Spray eases detangling and improves wet combing. It makes hair feel thicker by providing volume and body, and even protects hair from sun damage. Also, it protects hair from damage that can result from blow-drying or other thermal and mechanical styling. The advanced formulation enhances gloss and manageability, helps repair damaged hair and prevents split ends.

    On wet hair, after you shampoo and condition with Oi-Lin® Shampoo and Oi-Lin® Conditioner or Kandesn® Shampoo and Kandesn® Conditioner (depending on your preference), use Hair Conditioning & Repair Spray before brushing, combing and styling. Leave on: do not rinse out.

  • Sunrider® Oi-Lin® Conditioner – Net Wt. 8 fl. oz./240 mL

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    Oi-Lin® Conditioner won’t strip color-treated hair and it has a refreshing fragrance. Mild enough for babies, it’s especially beneficial for those with dry hair or sensitive scalps. Oi-Lin® Conditioner helps detangle, condition and soften hair for easy comb-through.  Sunrider fortified this exclusive conditioner with the antioxidant Vitamin E to soothes and protect your hair with natural emollients and condition without weighing your hair down.

    Apply Oi-Lin® Shampoo to wet hair and massage gently. Rinse thoroughly. Follow by applying Oi-Lin® Conditioner liberally throughout hair. Allow 3 to 5 minutes for hair to absorb nutrients. Rinse.