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  • Kandesn® Hair Conditioning & Repair Spray by Sunrider® – 3 Bottles (2.3 fl. oz./68 mL each bottle)

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    Your hair will really thank you for using this new spray. It’s easy to use and conveniently sized, so you can carry it everywhere: in  your pocket, purse or gym bag. You don’t have to worry about blow drying your hair and leaving split ends. This Sunrider® spray is moist but not greasy.

    Kandesn® Hair Conditioning & Repair Spray eases detangling and improves wet combing. It makes hair feel thicker by providing volume and body, and even protects hair from sun damage. Also, it protects hair from damage that can result from blow-drying or other thermal and mechanical styling. The advanced formulation enhances gloss and manageability, helps repair damaged hair and prevents split ends.

    On wet hair, after you shampoo and condition with Oi-Lin® Shampoo and Oi-Lin® Conditioner or Kandesn® Shampoo and Kandesn® Conditioner (depending on your preference), use Hair Conditioning & Repair Spray before brushing, combing and styling. Leave on: do not rinse out.

  • Kandesn® Styling Glaze by Sunrider® – Net Wt. 4 fl. oz./120 mL

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    Kandesn®Styling Glaze is a versatile product that can be used on wet hair before blow-drying or on dry hair for a slick look. Say goodbye to bad hair days and look your fashionable best every day.

    Our Styling Glaze helps moisturize hair while increasing body without greasy oils. It provides definition and control with herbal extracts. Other styling products can leave your hair looking and feeling “stiff”, but Sunrider’s Kandesn® Styling Glaze provides manageability and extra hold with a natural look.

    Use a desired amount of Kandesn® Styling Glaze and gently massage through hair.