Anti-Aging/Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

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  • Sunrider® Dr. Chen® Refining & Lifting Cream – Net Wt. 0.5 oz./15 mL

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    Restore and preserve the appearance of youthful skin with Dr. Chen® Refining & Lifting Cream. This special Sunrider® formula produces amazing age-defying results by using the latest in modern skin care technology.

    Lifting action gives the appearance of minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.
    Provides intense hydration, resulting in skin that feels and looks supple.
    Continually improves and refines the texture of skin.
    Fast-acting and long-lasting with a superior combination of herbal ingredients, including myrrh, pea, bamboo, meadowsweet, centella, and algae.


    First, cleanse face with Oi-Lin® Cleansing Cream and/or Oi-Lin® Warm Facial Scrub and apply Oi-Lin® Facial toner. Next apply Dr. Chen® Refining & Lifting Cream and Oi-Lin® Special Treatments over desired areas. Then, apply Oi-Lin® Deep Moisture Lotion for best results.

  • Sunrider® Dr. Chen® Youth Emulsion

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    Net Wt. 1 oz./30 g

  • Sunrider® Oi-Lin® Exceptional Cream – Net Wt. 1 oz./28 g

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    This cream lives up to its name. Designed with Sunrider’s promise of owner expertise and state-of-the-art skin care technology, it brightens, smoothes, tones, and refines skin.

    Oi-Lin® Exceptional Cream contains a potent, gentle, stabilized form of the antioxidant Vitamin C. Other skin care products usually do not contain a stable form of Vitamin C, so the Vitamin C breaks down quickly after the product is opened. The Vitamin C in our Exceptional Cream is not only stabilized, it’s also concentrated for maximum effectiveness.
    This amazing cream evens out your skin tone, so skin looks smooth & healthy. Because it’s formulated with ingredients like concentrated squalane, you’ll see and feel immediate results.

    Incorporate Oi-Lin® Exceptional Cream into the Kandesn® Skin Care regimen of your choice. Apply Oi-Lin® Exceptional Cream to a cleansed face and neck.

  • Sunrider® Oi-Lin® Eye Cream – Net Wt 0.5 oz./14 g

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    Oi-Lin® Eye Cream by Sunrider® is a complete, concentrated herbal eye treatment that moisturizes, reduces puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, and smoothes skin. This fast-acting formula offers the latest in skin care technology.

    Apply to the skin around the eye area in a gentle dabbing motion morning and night. Follow with Dr. Chen® Refining & Lifting Cream and Oi-Lin® Replenish Gel. Store product in a dark area to preserve the effectiveness of the ingredients.

  • Sunrider® Oi-Lin® Rebuild Cream – Paraben Free 0.5 oz./14 g

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    Formulated to transform damaged or problem skin without harming surface skin cells, this cream contains plant-derived alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). These AHAs help speed the skin’s natural cycle of renewal and rejuvenation by exfoliating surface cells that dull the complexion.

    Oi-Lin® Rebuild Cream also contains intense concentrations of herbal extracts, essential oils and antioxidants, all of which work in harmony with the skin to help achieve a healthy, natural look by decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Sunrider® Oi-Lin® Replenish Gel – Net Wt. 0.5 oz./14 g

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    Oi-Lin® Replenish Gel is designed to hydrate the delicate eye and mouth areas that are especially prone to wrinkling. It also is ideal for other areas of the face that require gentle yet intense hydration.

    This anhydrous gel helps moisturize and smooth the skin. The antioxidants in this advanced, rich formulation help combat the effects of free radicals, which cause fine lines and wrinkles in skin.  Sunrider’s exclusive owner expertise produces an exclusive formula that seals in moisture in wrinkle-prone areas and provides a gentle emollient effect without a greasy feel.

    Wake up with the softest skin imaginable by applying a thin layer to your face at night as an intensive moisturizing mask.

    Apply Oi-Lin® Replenish Gel gently around the eyes, or any other area in need of intensive moisturization.