SunFit Program

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  • Age-Defying Skincare Pack

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    Sunrider’s anti-aging research and development process is so impressive, that the results you’ll experience with our natural products will keep your skin looking young, vibrant, and healthy around the clock.


    • Oi-Lin® Eye Cream
    • Dr. Chen® Refining & Lifting Cream
    • Dr. Chen® Youth Emulsion
    • Dr. Chen® Youth Masque
  • SunFit® Pack 1 Month

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    SunFit® Pack 1 Month
    • 2 VitaTaste® 100 Capsules (425 mg each capsule)
    • 3 SunBar® Fruit 10 Bars (1.06 oz./30 g each bar)
    • 4 Fortune Delight® Peach 10/3 g Packs (0.10 oz./3 g each bag)
    • 2 SunFit Protein Plus Naturally Vanilla 680g
    • 3 SunTrim® Shake Chocolate 10pk
  • SunFit® Pack 2 Weeks

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    SunFit Pack 2 Weeks
    • 1 VitaTaste® 100 Capsules (425 mg each capsule)
    • 3 Fortune Delight® Peach 10/3 g Packs (0.10 oz./3 g each bag)
    • 1 SunFit Protein Plus Naturally Vanilla 680g
    • 2 SunTrim® Shake Chocolate 10pk
  • SunFit® Protein Plus, 680g/Can Naturally Vanilla

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    Boost your protein intake with the best natural formula available. Each serving provides 20 grams of easy-to-digest complete protein. Our 100% vegan formula nourishes the body with a balanced blend of essential nutrients from whole foods, plus ample protein to fuel muscles, support energy, and aid recovery. No added sugar, dairy, artificial sweeteners, or chemical additives, makes it ideal for health and fitness enthusiasts.

  • Sunrider® Fitness Brigade® Exercise System – English

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    Developed by a medical doctor: Sunrider;s Breakthrough 90-day fitness program created by a board-certified medical doctor specializing in sports training & physical medicine.
    Fast results: High-intensity cardio and resistance drills increase strength, stamina, agility, and flexibility, while incinerating fat!
    Anything but routine: 12 progressive workouts provide endless combinations to keep the fitness sessions fresh and challenging.
    Total body workout: Dynamic exercises target multiple muscle groups at the same time to maximize efficiency and results.
    Like a home gym in a box: 6-DVD set, PLUS workout and nutrition guides, fitness journal, resistance band, workout schedule, tape measure, and more!

    Our revolutionary 90-day fitness program will help you burn fat, build muscle, and transform your entire body, all in the convenience of your home. The program features workouts that will increase strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and muscle endurance. Using a balance of resistance and conditioning exercises, interval and circuit training, this dynamic program helps create the greatest change in body composition in the shortest time. You’ll emerge reshaped, rebalanced, and motivated to continue your progress. Don’t delay, start today—excuses just add up to extra pounds.

    Do It Right
    Reuben K. Chen, MD, provides expert advice on ways to avoid injury and achieve optimal results by using proper technique and form. Fitness Brigade is your prescription for improved all-around fitness and health.

    It’s All in the Box
    Don’t want to trek to the gym? No sweat. Everything you need for a complete workout is all in one box: 6-DVD set with 12 progressive workouts (and bonus material), workout and nutrition guides, fitness journal, resistance band, workout schedule and tape measure to track fitness results, and proper-form and injury-prevention instruction from Reuben K. Chen, MD.

    Can Anyone Do the Workouts?
    This program is designed for people of every age and fitness level. All exercises have modifications that can make a workout safe yet challenging for people at any level—whether a workout novice or a competitive athlete. Youth and athleticism aren’t required; what is required is the willingness to train hard and the desire to achieve great results.

    Regular exercise, proper diet, and nutrition are required to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition.

  • Sunrider® Fitness Journal – English Single

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    The Fitness Journal complements the Fitness Brigade® Training Program and helps you monitor your food intake and exercise routines, as well as other information crucial to long-term success. Although included in the Fitness Brigade™ Exercise System, if you want to continue using the journal beyond the program’s 90 days, you can simply purchase a single journal and continue tracking your fitness success.

    This must-have fitness companion features multiple tools to help you monitor your efforts in achieving your fitness goals, helping you stay motivated and accountable for making healthy choices.

    Benefits and recommendations for SunFit® Pack products.
    Benefits and recommendations for Sunrider® performance supplements.
    Grocery checklist to support healthy food-shopping habits.
    Food exchange list for 160 foods and condiments.
    Exercise journal to record daily workouts, intensity level, duration, heart rate, hours of sleep, and mental and physical state.
    Nutrition journal to record daily mealtimes, meals and snacks, key nutritional information, mood, and energy level.

  • Sunrider® Resistance Band with Measuring Tape

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    Get fit with the resistance band included in Sunrider’s own Fitness Brigade® Exercise System! No need for expensive weights, this multitasking resistance band provides countless ways to work every major muscle group in the body—chest, arms, legs, and back.
    Perfect for in-home workouts, traveling, and even the gym, this resistance band is an excellent addition to your exercise routine. With this resistance band, you can workout anywhere…your living room, backyard, hotel room, and even your office. And now there are no more excuses for skipping workouts while on vacation!

    Resistance bands not only improve strength and muscle, but also help improve balance and coordination. And because they allow for a full range of motion, with proper form and adequate tension resistance bands may actually engage more muscles than dumbbells.

    Compact and fits anywhere—gym bag, suitcase, or purse!
    Foam-padded handles enable a secure, comfortable grip
    Ideal for all fitness levels
    Great for travelers

    Measuring tape is included with purchase.

    *Please note the resistance bands contain latex.