SunFit Program Duo Set

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  • Sunrider® SunFit® Program Set DuoSunrider® SunFit® Program Set Duo

    Sunrider® SunFit® Program Set Duo

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    Optimize your weight loss and fitness results with the SunFit® Program Set! This set includes the Fitness Brigade® Exercise System and a SunFit® Pack to maximize convenience in reaching your minimum monthly personal sales and ensure you’re reaching your full potential with the SunFit® Program.

    Supplementation, nutrition, and exercise are critical components of the SunFit® Program’s Five Elements of Fitness. The SunFit® Pack and the Fitness Brigade® Exercise System fulfill these needs safely and effectively.

    The SunFit® Pack includes Sunrider® products to put you on track to the body you’’ve always wanted and features Sunrider’’s weight-management superstar, SunTrim® Plus.

    SunTrim® Plus, 50 capsules/bottle
    Fortune Delight® Raspberry, 10/3g packs
    VitaShake® Strawberry, 10 pack
    SunBar® Oatmeal Raisin, 10 pack
    SunFit® Brochure
    Fitness Brigade® Brochure

    The Fitness Brigade® Exercise System is developed and overseen by Reuben K. Chen, MD, a board-certified medical doctor in physical medicine and rehabilitation, specializing in sports medicine and pain management. Our 90-day fitness and nutrition program comes with everything needed to burn fat, build muscle, and transform your entire body.

    6-DVD set with 12 progressive workouts
    Workout & Nutrition Guides
    Fitness journal
    Resistance band
    Workout schedule and tape measure to track fitness results
    Proper-form and injury-prevention instruction by Reuben K. Chen, MD