Fortune Delight

Sunrider® Fortune Delight Regular 10/20 g Packs (0.70 oz./20 g each bag)


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Fortune Delight the Best Concentrated Herbal Beverage:

  • Antioxidant Powerhouse: Packed with cancer fighting bioflavonoids & catechins
  • Bolsters metabolism, supports weight loss, improves cholesterol
  • Supports healthy brain, cardiovascular and immune function
  • Delivers super hydration with electrolytes and micronutrients
  • Protects against premature aging, wrinkles and cell damage
Fortune Delight® Regular 10/20 g Packs (0.70 oz./20 g each bag)

Fortune Delight by Sunrider

Award Winning Green Tea & Much More

Fortune Delight is one of the most powerful herbal beverages on the market. Sunrider carefully formulate Fortune Delight using ancient Chinese medicinal traditions and well-guarded Chen family secrets. Sunrider continuously refines this secret formula with research and manufacturing techniques that ensure each cup of Fortune Delight contains the richest protective and metabolic health benefits.

The Sunrider Difference:

Fortune Delight contains a propriety blend of Camellia extract, Lemon extract, Chrysanthemum Flower extract, Jasmine extract and Lalang Grass root extract.

  • High quality, whole-food sourced herbs, extracts and botanicals not chemicals.
  • Plants cultivated at their prime when nutrients and antioxidants are richest.
  • Special Manufacturing Process concentrates the tea botanicals so the rich polyphenols are not diluted when mixed with water

Fortune Delight is not simply a tea mix. The plant catechins and polyphenols in Fortune Delight are greater and more potent than other beverage supplements and green tea brands.   Dr. Chen, founder of Sunrider International reports that “the problem with most teas is that the antioxidant compounds don’t dissolve in water very well. Moreover once you place tea in liquid, the liquid dilutes the tea and you lose the full benefits.”   Fortune Delight is super charged health food in a glass.

Fortune Delight – Better Ingredients, Better Health:

Chinese Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Extract has been a vital ingredient in Asian herbal medicine for centuries.  Scientific research now confirms why green tea extract has become so important and commonly used throughout the globe.  Research now shows that green tea contains a distinct set of compounds that have proven health benefits. In fact, just one serving of green tea has more antioxidants than comparable food sources, according to Vanderbilt University Department of Health Psychology.

  • Eradicates harsh free radicals that cause aging, cancer and other cell damage
  • Reduces risk of strokes. Supports cardiovascular, brain, skin and immune health
  • Flushes toxins, lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol
  • Supports healthy metabolism and weight loss
  • Treats headaches and depression

Chrysanthemum Flower Extract or “ju hua,” as it’s known in Chinese treats respiratory issues hypertension, hyperthyroidism, cold, fevers and inflammation. It calms the nervous system and prevents allergies.

Lemon Extract: high antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting powers. Alkalizes the body, supports weight loss, digestion, kidney and liver functions. High in ascorbic acid, calcium, magnesium, bioflavonoids, and pectin.

Lalang Grass Root contains strong antibacterial, diuretic and detoxifying properties. Helps cure urinary tract infections, fevers and thirst. Eliminates and prevents candida/parasites.

Directions:  Mix 1 Fortune Delight Package in 1.4 to 2 quarts of water

The Sunrider Promise:

  • No fat, preservatives, stimulants or artificial sweeteners, flavors, sugars or colors
  • Superior, whole-food, organic and non GMO botanical ingredients
  • Philosophy of Regeneration – supports the body’s natural cleansing & healing processes
  • Developed with owner expertise

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