Kandesn® Acrylic Top Coat by Sunrider
Kandesn Nail Lacquer

Kandesn® Acrylic Top Coat by Sunrider


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Seal in your nail color with the ONLY true manicure top coat made from nature’s best ingredients.  Kandesn Top Coat helps keep your nails strong, healthy and beautiful!
Results: Up to 14 days of color & shine.

Sunrider’s Kandesn® Nail Lacquers come in a beautiful range of colors inspired by nature. They’re easy to apply and go on the nails smoothly. Sized so that you can carry an array of colors when you travel, they’re designed to match our Moisturizing Lip Colors. Kandesn® Nail Lacquers make the perfect colorful mini-gifts to leave behind to introduce Sunrider’s range of beauty products.

Apply 2 to 3 thin coats. Allow Nail Lacquer to dry thoroughly between applications.

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