SunBright® SuperClean™ Laundry by Sunrider® – Net Wt. 4.6 fl. oz./1890 mL


Sunrider’s superior SuperClean™ formula is designed specifically for laundry use. It’s concentrated, so just half a capful does a regular load of laundry. This gentle yet effective formula is safe for virtually all washable fabrics and colors. It’s available in bulk economy size with an easy-pour container and also in our two-headed trial size bottle for easy measuring.

Use 30 mL (half capful) per regular load of laundry.

Pre-treat stains with SunBright® SuperClean™ Laundry for 5 minutes. Rub and wash. Add SunBright® SuperClean™ Laundry as washer fills with water, then add laundry.

For heavily soiled loads, add more SunBright® SuperClean™ Laundry.

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